Monna Hillary

Hillary has quite an enigmatic smile do not you think so?

Hillary Clinton by Leonardo So, her permanent smile on her pretty face inspired us to make this tribute to Leonardo. I would call it “Hillary’s Da Vinci code” or “Mona Hillary” or …”what the hell are you always smiling about” ? You have your idea for the title ? let us know then


Putin deserves to be the man of the year, at least his torso does.

Nobody understands why Putin was chosen by Time. Such stupid people! Just take a look at recently released pictures of his naked torso!

such an impressive torsoJohn Edwards is our only hope to beat Putin on the international arena! John, please keep working on your hair, if not for yourself, then for the nation! Below a few Mental Art improvisations inspired by pretty muse named Putin.

Congratulations Mr. President, err, Mr. Tsar!Putin is the man of 2007 ! no doubts!!
Putin is the man of 2007 ! no doubts!!

Putin’s body is as perfect as Michelangelo’s David’s! He showed us a lot of his body this year, but not all of it. So far the part which he did not show is covered with fig leaf, but we are looking forward to 2008 to see more of his body!

Putin is the best

Time had to beat the competition , a respectable communist periodical Pravda already has chosen the guy, but we are sure that time is more popular in Russia than Pravda, especially after endorsement of Putin by Time.

Putin is the best

Putin is the best

So , The Tsar is born( at least TIME says so